Saturday, February 19, 2011

What states have I been to?

I saw this on Max's blog and couldn't resist.
I think I'm not doing too badly, seeing as I live in the Southern hemisphere, in New Zealand - we are great travellers 

visited 23 states (46%)
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  1. You're absolutely right, you're doing pretty good considering how far away we are from New Zealand. Especially comparing my world map from the same site that shows I've made it to a grand total of 5.33% of the whole world. As for the Southern Hemisphere, I captured a whopping 0.0%.
    And thanks to some of your pictures, I think I really have to add New Zealand to my list, most likely sometime in December or January.

  2. Dang! I've only been to 22 states! And I LIVE here!

  3. There is a perception "downunder" that many American citizens have not much knowledge of the rest of the world - that they tend to stay home, or if they do travel, go either to the Caribbean or to Europe. It's a massive generalisation, of course - I wonder what you guys think? I know that PBW has done a lot of travelling, so she proves the stereotype wrong!
    I didn't post my world one, Max - my total was 6.22%

  4. Alexia, how I explain Americans' "stay-at-home" attitude in other countries is like this: America is big and has a wide variety of geographical and man-made things to see. Plus, up until Sept. 11, 2001, an American could also travel to Mexico and Canada without a passport. Add that to Puerto Rico in the Caribbean and Hawaii's tropics, and well, there was a LOT to see without ever crossing the pond in either direction. If you think of it that way, you can sort of understand why so many Americans don't go beyond the borders.
    Now, NZ is smaller, more the size of a European country, so it makes much more sense you'd be heading off the island for holidays when affordable (not that there isn't a lot to see in NZ; I can tell that there is).
    My parents travelled only in North America until they reached their 60s. But, since I've long been a folkdancer, dance tours have taken me all over the place, from Wyoming to China, Finland to Disneyland -- but always in the northern hemisphere.

    Now, I'm curious about your trip to Utah. When did you visit us? Did you see our famous red rock deserts? Or were you up north? Do tell.

  5. My trip to Utah was a million years ago, with my first husband. We spent a year in the USA - that's why I've been to so many states. He had family/fraternity brothers all over the place.
    In Salt Lake City we did all the usual tourist stuff - the Temple etc. It was early spring and there was still snow around - very beautiful. Unfortunately I have no photos from then - it was pre-digital, of course.

    That was about it for my Utah experience :)

    You are quite right about New Zealanders heading overseas - to the point where the national tourism board sometimes has "Don't leave home till you've seen the country" campaigns!

  6. wow!! that's great!
    i was born and raised here in the states...have lived in 3 NY, CA and FL...but have driven cross country a few times. there's probably only about 4 or 5 states i haven;t been to. i'll have to sit down and you have me curious!

    the only other country i've ever been to...was canada!

    happy traveling! :laura

  7. Several eons ago, when the LDS church still allowed local church members to volunteer for the job instead of having female missionaries do it, I was a tourguide on Temple Square in downtown SLC. My favorite was the historical tour (7 pages, word-perfect), but I also used to do the sound demo in the Tabernacle.... ("Without the use of a microphone, I will now demonstrate the acoustics of this building. First, I will drop three pins, and, in contrast, a nail. Next, I will tear a sheet of newspaper......")
    Anyway, thanks for explaining how you ended up in Utah. If you're ever this way again, Max and I will have to take you on a tour of the lesser-known spots of our state. :)

  8. I hope you enjoyed Oregon! It would be fun to have a map of the world like that. I would have a red New Zealand since I spent such a lovely holiday there when I was living in Bangkok.

  9. Such a lovely feeling to know that such nice people want to visit this small country (an have actually been here, in Galen's case)

    Writer - you may have been our tour guide!!!

  10. Alexia,
    I just read about the earthquake in Christchurch. I have no idea where you live, but I hope all is well for you. I realize you may not get this message for a while, depending on the internet available in your area after the quake.


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