Saturday, February 5, 2011

Thematic Photographic 133: Singles

Melbourne, Australia, 2010. It's the day before the replay of the Grand Final game of the Australian Football League season.

Outside the MCG, a single fan is making sure he will get a ticket. This was mid-morning; he had been there since 6.00 am that morning, so was going to be waiting for 28 hours before ticket sales started, and 36 hours before kickoff.

Dedicated - and crazy!!!


  1. Hilarious! And I absolutely agree with your last line, especially the CRAZY part!

  2. Crazy...that's what my wife would call me if I ever suggested doing anything remotely like this :)

    Yet every time I encounter this kind of soul, I find myself inspired by the singular dedication it takes. They put everything on hold - life, family, job you name it - in the sometimes-distant hope that they'll gain the privilege to drop a ton of money on a ticket or a piece of electronics or whatever. That's admirable in it's own poetic way, and you've totally captured it here.

    I so love this shot...and have my fingers crossed for this intrepid man.

  3. Oh this is great single ....but you know he looks like a happy and friendly kind of crazy! Guess when you want something that bad...go for it right?! Glad to see your post too...missed seeing you around!

  4. This reminds me of having to stand in line last fall to get a limited number of first come first served retirement packages. We stood in line for 24 hours, and joked that it was like standing in line for a rock concert or a sporting event! Well, after 24 hours we weren't joking anymore!

  5. lol, there's just no accounting for some people, especially fanatics!

  6. Ha ha thanks all. if you click on the photo to enlarge, you can see that he was a very cheerful, jovial chap. He was happy to chat away - although a little taken aback when i said that I had never seen an Australian Rules match - or wanted to!


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