Sunday, February 27, 2011

A journey around my classroom

My classroom stretches east-west, with the whole northern side made up of windows (in this part of the world, that's the sunny side!)
It's a long and fairly narrow room, which makes for challenges when it comes to arranging the tables in groups. At the moment I just have them in 3 long rows of 5 tables, facing the whiteboard, which is the other side from the windows. Please click to enlarge

If you come in the door and look left (east), you see this view

and this one

This is the view from the other (eastern) end, back towards the door:

Here is part of the western wall, with  students' work, 2 of the room's
6 desktop computers, and part of my desk -

My desk and the door through into my office.

 The south wall

Part of the southern wall including the whiteboard.

Looking out of the window


And straight across the quad to the Library

 Open-air seating outside the Canteen


  1. Oh the canteen looks inviting! Your classroom is exactly like the ones I enjoy spending time in, and viewing the pictures, reading the great quotes around (almost every classroom I've been in I walk away with something of value inside) your sunny side of the world is fantastic! Hooray!! you have windows and curtains, my mother would be so envious! I have yet to see real live curtains in a classroom EVER, nice touch, as are tissues on the desk so important. In the photos of your classroom and actually the other school outside shots offers such a clear, clean, comfortable feel to learning and teaching I'm sure...I can see why this is such a fun and important part of your day...that's without even seeing your students, who keep a person young at heart for sure! Thanks for a peek into your day! It was Lovely!

  2. Fun!
    And you have an office!!! Only music teachers tend to get offices in Utah. Heck, I was excited to get a closet in my last move.
    Your room looks very light and airy; I like that. I also like that you've got stuff up all over the walls. My last relocatable classroom had walls that were like bulletin boards, so I could hang stuff anywhere. I liked that. My current relo isn't so spiffy, but it has lots more storage space.
    The one thing that strikes me as odd is that you don't seem to have very many bookshelves for an English teacher. How do you work around that?
    (I have so many textbooks and classroom library books in my room that I have books stacked on the floor and leaning up the walls, plus every countertop covered.)

  3. Oh thanks Karen - I love my room :)

    Writer - I only have an office cos I'm a Head of Faculty! And all of the books are kept in the resource area which runs in a central "corridor" the length of the block, between the classrooms - if you see what I mean? Plus I have heaps of shelving in the office. It's all really centralised and only takes seconds to fetch a set of books etc.

  4. Wow. Can you show us your book system?

  5. Great visit to your classroom, thanks. I had a total "duh" moment when you reminded that your north facing windows got the direct sunlight. I was thinking hemishericentrically, and had the initial thought that it was too bad they didn't face south. Teach me to think. Anyway, here is the link to my classroom jopurney, and thanks for the OK to it.

  6. wow!! Alexia!! what a bright, cheery, fun atmosphere you have created!!
    you can FEEL all the planning...and work you put into making that space perfect!

    if the classrooms i had when i was a kid looked anything like THAT, i might have enjoyed spending time there!! :]

    Fantastic job!!! thanks for the journey! :laura

  7. Beautiful! I like your vaulted ceiling and the way your chairs sit up on the tables (sorry, I realize that's a dumb thing to like but it beats "upside down on the desk" like we have.


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