Thursday, January 13, 2011

The Friday Photo

A boy and his dog....

Today on the way back from a retail therapy trip to our nearest city, I stopped at a river-side area to eat my lunch.  This fellow was having enormous fun fetching the stick which his young owner was throwing waaaay out into the river.

 I was really impressed with the dog's obedience, too; (Juniper's Django would have approved).

The dog, of course, would have carried on retrieving for ever, but when told to, he sat down quietly to have his collar buckled back on and they headed off up the road towards home.

It was good to see them having such healthy fun and enjoying each other's company - it put a smile on my face, and made my sushi taste even more delicious!


  1. The bond between a boy and his dog is really a special relationship. My dog Bandit was my best, most loyal friend for 12 years. I think dogs should just come standard with kits for raising boys.

  2. Oh what a beautiful way to enjoy your lunch! What a lovely day you had too. It's funny when you were describing how well behaved the dog was I too thought of Django and his not so well behaved dog friend the other day! Great photos Alexia!

  3. Thanks guys :)
    I love the way you can see joyous anticipation in every fibre of that dog's body!

  4. "A boy and his dog" is hard to beat. The understanding that passes between them transcends language and species! What a great way to have lunch!


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