Saturday, August 28, 2010

Guess the word

Another word in pictures. 
In my (admittedly a bit strange) mind, all of these images illustrate aspects of a particular word. I wonder if anyone else can guess what it is?

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Beautiful Trees #6

The strange and beautiful Nikau palm is the southernmost growing of all the palms, and is endemic to New Zealand.  I love its strong shape and its dense, angular top. 

The palm is intrinsically of great appeal to artists, both for its shape and its associations, and appears in the works of many New Zealand painters.  This is by Jenny Bennett:

The tree grows to heights of 10 metres. The single stem (it's very rare for there to be more than one, or for there to be side branches) is marked with rings left by the marks of leaves which have fallen.
The leaves are about 1 to 3 metres long, and were used by the Māori in building. The top of the stem is fleshy and juicy and was (is?) sometimes eaten.

Here is another one of Jenny's paintings: (see

This is a different interpretation - by Sandi O'Neill (see

To me the Nikau is a strong symbol of home.  Beautiful New Zealand, with its beaches, its forests, its magnetic pull when I'm away. Summer, sea, sand..... my idea of happiness

Monday, August 16, 2010

Images of Propaganda # 2

Another of my collection of Propaganda posters, this one dating from World War 2.  This woman is clearly a murderess, with her harsh eyes and scornful look.

Friday, August 13, 2010

New game: word in pictures

Words are my job, my life, and my interest.  I thought today that it would be fun to pick a random word out of the dictionary, then find some images which illustrate it.  The number of pictures will depend on how elastic my time is!
Today's word turns out to be a little mundane, but if I stick to the rules, I have to go with it.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Images of Propaganda

I collect posters and advertisements of propaganda, because I find them fascinating and informative.  The old ones tell so much about the world view of the times.  Some of them have wonderfully sledgehammer slogans; did people actually believe them? I guess they did, although that would indicate that many folks were ignorant, naive.  Certainly they were much less educated, and their world knowledge and experience were limited.

This one is  French, from 1915.  I love the spider's evil face and the eagle's blank look, as it stares into the stormy sky.
One of my favourites!