Sunday, June 20, 2010

A Draw is as Good as a Win

The fervent flames of football fever are being furiously fanned this morning as l'il ole New Zealand celebrates holding Italy, the current World Cup holders, to a 1-1 draw. Who would have believed it? We are ranked 78th in the world, they're ranked 5th.
No matter that all of the game took place in the All Whites' half. We can hold our heads relatively high, and thumb our noses, if such an action is still comfortable with one's head held high, at some of the comments made about us in various publications before the competition began.
One interesting offshoot of this will doubtless be the move from Black to White, as happened the last time that we were in the World Cup. Kids abandoned Rugby in droves, in favour of the beautiful game, school teams increased, and it was no longer considered 'gay' to play football.

As for Saturday's All Blacks' win against Wales? Barely noted.