Saturday, December 18, 2010

Why become extinct?

I am in increasing danger of becoming a dinosaur.

I'm not old. Sure I'm the other side of 50, but not by much. And 50 is only considered old by anyone under 18, or shop assistants. And computer technicians.

I'm not ancient, or elderly, or decrepit. But here's a few random indications that I am showing dinosaur tendencies:

  •  I like manners. 
Good manners are important. They oil the wheels of society and make it possible for people to get along smoothly.  I'm not talking here about whether you should eat your peas off your knife. I'm talking about treating each other with respect and consideration, about being aware of what would make someone else's day easier or more pleasant.
(Thomas Carlyle) 

  •  I believe in the apostrophe. 
The apostrophe is a valuable little creature. It has a purpose in life.  It has meaning. It has validity..... well it does when it's used properly.


What's so hard?  Why can't teachers teach kids to use it, and why can't people remember those rules?

What's even worse is when people aren't quite sure where and when to use an apostrophe.

So, they put one before every s.  

Just to be safe.

  • I cannot understand why people can't get along with each other.
I'm talking about families, neighbours, races, religions, countries. Why on earth do some people think that they are the ones with the answers, and everyone else is wrong?
Be nice to each other, folks. Guess what - it won't hurt you!

  • I don't like selfishness!
 We need to share stuff, ok? There is only so much food, air, land, fossil fuel etc to go round.

Maybe it's too late already. The world is in our hands.

Many countries around the world are about to celebrate what is euphemistically called the "Festive Season".

The nominal reason for these celebrations had a message for his followers, and that was to love one another. For 'love' include understand, tolerate, appreciate, like, care for, make allowances for......

Hmmm - I think I've moved away from the initial point of this post to some extent - I'd better stop right here, before I upset someone...


  1. I, too, am a great believer that everyone should learn how to make plurals, possessives, and -- for the love of all that's holy -- plural possessives. It drives me NUTS when I see signs that say things like "girl's locker room." Really? Who is the ONE lucky girl who gets to use the locker room? And what are all the other girls supposed to do?

  2. We are a small and exclusive club, PBW :)

  3. Finally! A club I want to belong to! And what about pronouns, as in "between you and I"! Yikety yikes!

    And manners. Thank you.

    Dinosaurs unite!

  4. Alexis, count me in on your dinosaurausness (nice word, just made that up).
    Love your post, and I'll join the club with the rest of you.
    I would love to see more people being considerate of each other. Where do people get the idea that they have the right to inconvenience everyone else just because it will save them 30 seconds?
    Thanks for the post.

  5. What do I want for Christmas? I'd like everyone to stop, take a breath and read this blog post. That, by itself, would be a good start. (Although I would let the occasional apostrophe error slide if we could get more of the other stuff.) And a t-shirt: "Yes I'm a Dinosaur - Deal With It!" Said with a smile, that even works with computer technicians. Thanks, Alexia!

  6. Lovely post, and so very creative! I agree with Jim, this should be presented to the world...Count me in as a club member too. May I add one that bothers me as well? Correct ways, "Their boat, they're going to the store, and may I go there too?" I hate it when people use these 3 little simple words WRONG! Back to your manners and treating people nicely. I fear both are in that extinct category. It's very sad when a General Manager at work openly speaks poorly about another manager, and abuses manners with his employees. Yes, this post opens up quite a can of worms, and I too must stop before feelings are hurt.

  7. I agree w/everything u have said in this post!. Manners, yep, that's the ultimate...Manners are learned from home, which says a lot about those who lack them...

  8. what a GREAT post!!

    and it comes at a time when i had been considering doing a post on 'spelling' of the things that REALLY gets to seeing 'professional' signs...that have misspelled words!!! YIKES!!

    i understand your apostrophe frustration!! is probably one of the MOST misunderstood and mistakenly used parts of grammar!!
    (hmmm...i even get a little confused at times! :))

    and ONE last thing!! yes!! why can't we just ALL get along. GIVE, LOVE, CARE, SHARE...all year long...

    ...thanks Alexia...very nice post! laura :]

  9. I'm 26, and I agree with everything you posted! Plus, with the conveniences and innovations that we have in our wonderful modern society, there is really less emphasis on the limitations imposed by age. It's not like you have to work the fields or slave in the mines anymore. We can do almost everything nowadays without even getting up! As long as you can travel and hike a nature trail you'll be fine.

  10. Wow thanks all!
    Maybe we should set up a Dinosaurs' blog (no age specification for members, Hanny).

    Seriously, thank you for the comments - KBF, you make a really telling point in your comment.

  11. Galen and Karen, I harp on those things in class, too! :)

  12. Amen to every word here. You're not alone. And as long as there are those who feel this way, there is hope.


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