Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Pencil it in

Recently I saw an article in a design magazine about an exhibition of sculpture and other items carved out of pencils.
I was totally fascinated! One artist featured was Dalton Ghetti, who makes incredibly detailed and intricate objects from pencils.
Dalton is a carpenter, who has been making his tiny graphite designs for about 25 years.

The only tools he uses are a razor blade, a sewing needle and a sculpting knife - and he doesn't sell his work, only gives it away to friends

Stunning stuff, huh?

Ghetti is originally from Brazil but now lives in Connecticut.

These pencil carvings really appealed to me because I love little, intricate things.

Here is a different approach, by Mizuta Tasogare:

And these are a different type again. They're by Dave Brock:

What incredibly clever people...


  1. It's all quite amazing! I really favor Dalton's, especially his alphabet spread out in such tiny detail. It's also very cool how he only gives his work away, I like that. Artwork always amazes me and it seems there are so many artists out there creating new things everyday for all of us to enjoy! Thanks for sharing these!

  2. OMG, I have never seen anything like this... Very creative and the detail is beyond.. I wonder how his eyesight is after doing such intricate work.

  3. Karen - I like his best, too. So intricate...
    KBF - I read somewhere that he doesn't even use a magnifying glass!!

  4. Love the designs, very unique.

  5. oh!! those are awesome!!
    i love to see the creativeness...imagination...of others!!
    it gets me motivated...
    to get (off my butt)...
    and BE creative myself!! :)

    thanks for the push! ha!


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