Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Thematic Photographic 117: Parallel

I've been on holiday! Some parallels from the last 10 days in Melbourne, Australia:

Inside the Old Melbourne Gaol

Victoria State Parliament

Flinders Street Station

Artists' names - National Gallery of Victoria

Inside The Block, one of Melbourne's beautiful old shopping arcades

Shrine of Remembrance

Shrine of Remembrance grounds

Tree-top walk, Otway National Park

Eucalyptus bark
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  1. I'm so glad you were able to contribute to this week's theme. I'm always amazed at your diversity - you find a way to connect such a wide range of photos to the theme.

    Beyond the fact that you are an amazing photographer, please know you've opened my eyes in the process. I think you'll like the theme I've got on deck ("branched"). It'll be live in a few short hours...yay!

    (Sorry...this stuff excites me a little.)

  2. Yay! It excites me too! I'm trying to think of some "different" ways of approaching 'branched' - hmm will have to mull for a while.

    Your compliment about my photos is really heartwarming. I am determined to improve my skills, and you are helping enormously


  3. Hi, I missed this somehow last week but I love your entries esp. the eucalyptus bark ... wonderful and unique interpretation!

  4. I loved the bark too - it was even better in the flesh (so to speak) - really beautiful colours!


  5. I like the Melbourne Gaol and the bark. Nice stuff.
    Someday I need to go downunder.....


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