Friday, September 10, 2010


My muse has deserted me. Well, to be truthful, she/they were never here.

I have always wanted to be 'creative'.  I used to write poetry; I have started, and never finished, short stories, articles, possible novels. I have attended classes in painting, ceramics, weaving, drawing, photography. My lack of success can't be because I am totally lacking in any sort of talent .... can it?
The closest I've come to any of the Muses lately was in Turkey earlier this year:

Ephesus, April 2010 - Nike

The Muses in mythology were the fickle goddesses who inspired literature and the arts; they were the origins of the knowledge found in stories, lyrics, paintings, drama.  There were 3 of them ... or 9.

In one myth, King Pierus of Macedonia, had nine daughters named after the nine Muses, believing that their skills were equal to the demi-goddesses'. On his daughters' behalf, he challenged the Muses to a competition - which resulted in a loss for his girls, and a transformation into magpies for being so cheeky:

" ............................ beneath their nails
Feathers they feel, and on their faces scales:
Their horny beaks at once each other scare;
Their arms are plumed, and on their backs they bear
Pied wings, and flutter in the fleeting air: "
(Ovid, Metamorphoses Bk V)

Rosso Fiorentino's depiction of this event is in the Louvre Museum:
Of course, the word Museum itself comes from the same origins as muse: via Latin from Greek mouseion 'seat of the Muses', based on mousa 'muse'

Of course #2 - while I'm typing this post, I'm listening to one of my very favourite bands:

Kia ora


  1. I'll respectfully disagree with you on your "totally lacking talent" contention. Anyone who takes pictures like you do most certainly has talent, IMHO.

    Sharpen the pencil and push on. It's the only way you'll ever know if you can do it.

    (I write for a living. It's a challenge I face every day, so your words resonated very deeply.)

  2. Kind words indeed, when they come from a real writer!
    Thanks, Carmi.


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